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About the Icons

Welcome to The Arizona Experience!

Commemorating 100 years of statehood, this site offers a guided tour of the people, places, and events that defined our past and are shaping our future. Each month will feature a new topic, represented by the icons below, that will showcase the 48th state. Enjoy the ultimate centennial celebration with The Arizona Experience. You’ve never seen Arizona like this. 

Celebrates – Find out how communities around the state are celebrating the Centennial as well as other long standing community events. February 2012

Mining & Minerals – Arizona is the nation’s largest copper producing state. Learn about how mineral exploration has shaped our past and is shaping our future. March 2012

Biotech & Life Sciences – Arizona is home to some of the world’s leading bioscience research institutions. Discover how the plant and animal life of the state has impacted our world. April 2012

Sports & Recreation – You can’t experience Arizona without outdoor entertainment like spring training, hiking, biking and golfing. May 2012

Energy – Just like its people, Arizona has a diverse energy profile. Learn about the current use and potential of various energy sources. June 2012

Water – An essential element regardless of location but even more so in the desert. July 2012

Technology & Aerospace  – Learn how the aerospace industry shapes Arizona, from the airplane graveyards to some of the most advanced industries in the world. August 2012

People & Culture – Arizona’s people are incredibly diverse. Join us as we celebrate this diversity. September 2012

 Ranching & Agriculture – From cotton to cowboys Arizona is known for its iconic ranching and agriculture. October 2012  

Native American Culture – Celebrate the more than twenty Native American cultures that call Arizona home. November 2012

Astronomy – Arizona is the astronomy capital of the contiguous United States, learn how this industry is shaping our future. Devember 2012

21st Century Workforce – Take a peek at Arizona’s 21st Century Workforce. January 2013

Best of – Celebrate the best of the Arizona Centennial Year. February 2013