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Content Providers

Arizona Experience Content

The Arizona Experience website provides an in-depth look at Arizona’s past and future through a series of interactive pages and multimedia activities. This site is dedicated to producing a comprehensive story of the State of Arizona through its land, people, history, and innovation. Site content is designed to tell a complete narrative, to provide objective information about the entities, people, and events that shaped the State of Arizona, to accurately render the challenges facing the state and to promote innovative solutions to these challenges. The Arizona Experience content management team has worked diligently to gather content from numerous experts across industries, agencies, organizations, and individuals to provide a broad and nuanced perspective on the issues that shape Arizona.

As scientists and information technology experts, The Arizona Experience content management team has demonstrated expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methods. These skills have guided evaluation of content from hundreds of entities and selection of information to create an original narrative about Arizona’s land, people, institutions, companies, organizations, and agencies.

Content management guidelines:

  • Content providers deliver material with the full knowledge that it will be used, or not used, at the discretion of the The Arizona Experience content management team.
  • Content is selected based upon its suitability in relation to themes presented on the website.
  • Content is sought, formed, and presented in a way that best meets The Arizona Experience objectives of providing a clear, nuanced, and objective narrative of Arizona’s unique history, geography, assets, and challenges.
  • Private companies and not-for-profit content (including images and videos) have been selected and screened for appropriate content as related to The Arizona Experience website. Videos or endorsements that do not follow the Federal Trade Commission Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising and related law will not be listed on the site, among playlists, or posted on social networking sites. 
  • Content claiming superlative status or similar identification of one product or entity will not be listed, as this might construe endorsement of such product.  Final discretion is provided to The Arizona Experience content management team.

The Arizona Experience website offers sponsorship and underwriting opportunities. Dedicated to maintaining content neutrality, The Arizona Experience builds upon public broadcasting’s guidelines to delineate the boundary between underwriting opportunities and content acquisition. 

Underwriting and sponsorship guidelines:

  • Observe the “firewall” that separates our content managers with our funders.
    • The Arizona Experience website sponsors and underwriters recognize that they are there to support the website in its service to the public. The Arizona Experience is under no obligation to use any material provided by a site underwriter as content in a way or in an area that is not specifically delineated as underwriter or sponsor.
  • Disclose Funding Relationships in Related Reports: If The Arizona Experience features an organization or individual in a donor role, The Arizona Experience website will disclose that relationship.

Full underwriting guidelines are provided in The Arizona Experience Sponsor and Underwriting prospectus.