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Arizona SciTech Blog

This blog is courtesy of the Arizona SciTech Festival.

Track: STEM in Education

Scott Flansburg, known as The Human Calculator® (a nickname given to him by television star Regis Philbin) is an educator, speaker, Guinness World Record holder, bestselling author, and host of ‘The Human Calculator’ tv show on the History Channel International. 

Scott has been teaching mental math shortcuts and entertaining people around the world and on television with his superhuman skills for more than 28 years. He earned this nickname as a result of his remarkable abilities to perform rapid mathematical calculations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square roots and cube roots with amazing speed and calculator accuracy using only the power of his mind.
Scott is a multi-award winning Guinness World Record holder for the “Fastest Human Calculator” which includes correctly adding a randomly selected two-digit number (38) to itself 36 times in 15 seconds without the use of a calculator (faster than a person could do with a calculator). According to a recent scientific study, his mental calculations are faster than his ability to speak the answers. 
Now an elite “edutainer,” Scott travels the world speaking to educators, parents, corporate leaders, and thousands of students each year, teaching them about mental math and demonstrating his world record abilities. His mission is to help people improve their basic arithmetic skills regardless of their age, and show them that numbers can be fun. Scott is an accomplished author of two very successful books published by HarperCollins, ’Math Magic’ and ‘Math Magic for Kids.’
Scott frequently makes appearances on many of the leading talk, radio and news programs including: The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, NBC’s The Today Show, ABC’s Good Morning America, Stan Lee’s SuperHumans, Discovery Channel’s More Than Human, Dateline, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Larry King Live, NPR, CNN, ESPN and USA Today.
Additionally, Scott has been the featured keynote speaker for many major corporations, organizations and events including: AT&T, DIRECTV, NASA, IBM, Polaroid, Unocal, Math Counts, Software Publishers, Tony Robbins Seminars, The Smithsonian Institute, Oprah Winfrey’s Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, as well as thousands of appearances at schools and companies around the world.
The Human Calculator®, Scott Flansburg, is dedicated to helping both students and adults overcome their fears related to numbers and arithmetic. He believes everyone has the ability to do mental math and is on a mission to help everyone feel comfortable and confident with numbers in everyday life. 

Register for the 8th Annual Arizona SciTech Festival Kickoff Conference: “Community Stakeholder Summit” today!  


On June 12, 2018 from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm the Computer Science for All (CS for ALL) team will guide selected district teams through a strategic planning process based on the School CSforAll Resource & Implementation Planning Tool (SCRIPT) (see example here) at ASU West.

This FREE SCRIPT workshop is designed to support school district teams in the design of K-12 computer science pathways, using a new tool in development called the SCRIPT to guide the process. Teams spend quite a bit of time working through a series of rubrics (see example here) to enable detailed self-assessments and goal-setting in categories like curriculum/materials, leadership, teacher capacity, infrastructure, partnerships, and community. 

Register here for your districts to be accepted to the workshop in teams (minimum of 3 participants, max 6) that must include at least:

  • one central office administrator K – 12,
  • one building principal,
  • one elementary LMS, middle or high school computer science teacher

When: March 26-30th 
For: Students Grades 6-12


Translational Genomics Research Institute [Biomedical Research Institute] 
Field trip accommodates 30 students

University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix [Medical Student Experience Tour] 
Field trip accommodates 25 students

Pinnacle Transplant Technology [Human Tissue Bank] 
Field trip accommodates 15 students

THealth Theatre (Arizona Telemedicine Program – U of A) [Telemedicine Training Center] 
Field trip accommodates 20 students


Bio 5 Institute [Active research laboratory (biology-based challenges)] 
Field trip accommodates 30 students

Arizona Telemedicine Program [Telemedicine training center] 
Field trip accommodates 10 students


Freeport-McMoran Inc. [Copper producer – Bio lab (metallurgical processes)] 
Field trip accommodates 40 students


ASU Biodesign [Biosciences] 
Field trip accommodates 30 students

Advanced Business Learning Inc./ ABL Cyber Academy [Cyber Academy] 
Field trip accommodates 50 students

State Farm [One of the Nation’s largest IT teams/ IT systems] 
Field trip accommodates 30 students

BOOKED/No longer available:


To learn more about booking a field trip for your school with one of the organizations listed, and to receive detailed information including a field trip description and contact information please send your request to CSO Sage at Sage.Foreman@gmail.com

STEM is incredibly important for our rising generation because it provides relevant and real-world exposure to important math, science, technology, and engineering concepts, while also preparing kids for the future needs of our society. Science and technology are constantly evolving, and students with a STEM education will have a real opportunity to make a difference. Some of the most impactful organizations and extensive world pursuits taking place today, such as space exploration, artificial intelligence, or cancer research require science, technology, math, or engineering.

Many are seeing the increasing value of a STEM education, and are contributing to local organizations like the Arizona SciTech Festival with the hope of further promoting and advancing the STEM community. A major supporter of STEM is US Storage Centers, a nationwide self-storage facility devoted to helping people organize their lives so they have the time and space to do what they care about.

STEM and US Storage Centers

US Storage Centers has been devoted to promoting the STEM community and supporting youth engagement with STEM and STEM-related fields for over ten years now. The company started an organization, Kure It Cancer Research, in 2007 with a mission to raise funds for underfunded cancer research. Since then, US Storage Centers has been supporting more and more local organizations devoted to the STEM community, such as museums and education-driven organizations.

Cancer Research

Kure It Cancer Research was started by US Storage Centers founder Barry Hoeven nine years after he was diagnosed with a very rare kidney cancer. Barry discovered that several cancers do not have many treatment options available because they do not receive the proper funding to support research and clinical trials. As a result, Kure It was formed with the intention to increase support for underfunded cancers in hopes of finding cures for these cancers. Had it not been for STEM education, Barry would not have been able to establish this company leading the field in cancer research. STEM plays an important role in Kure It’s organization even today, as only the most qualified cancer researchers are hired to pursue solutions in finding a cure for rarer forms of cancer. US Storage Centers supports STEM and Kure It’s lasting resolve to make a real difference in the field of cancer research.

There Are REAL Opportunities to Make a Difference

The biggest reason that US Storage Centers supports the Arizona SciTech Festival, as well as other organizations devoted to STEM, is because of the impact STEM has on all of our lives. STEM provides a continual push for advancement, which ensures that students grow in their knowledge and understanding of necessary STEM principles. As a result, new ideas and further exploration of different STEM theories will result in the advancement of society as a whole.

Get Excited About STEM!

US Storage Centers and Arizona SciTech are excited about STEM and all the benefits it provides students and educators alike! If you want to get involved and be a part of the Arizona SciTech Festival, you can help by spreading the word, becoming a sponsor, volunteering, showcasing a booth, presenting, and more. Get in touch today to learn how you can help!

This year, we’re happy to announce that US Storage Centers Phoenix and the Arizona SciTech Festival have partnered up. Here are some reasons why STEM is so important, and why US Storage Centers is supporting the SciTech Festival–

The Arizona SciTech Festival is one of the largest celebrations across the state of Arizona that focuses on the promotion of STEM. The Festival is held every February and March in the state, and features over 1,000 expositions, exhibitions, tours, workshops, and conversations about science. The Festival is not only neat because it gives young people an opportunity to get excited about science and math, but because it engages community members from diverse backgrounds and of every age.

STEM Provides Exposure to Relevant Math and Science

Standing for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, STEM education is very important at an early age because it provides exposure to STEM subjects in a relevant manner. Indeed, STEM challenges–and many of the projects one will find at the SciTech Festival–are focused on solving real-world problems, many of which are also tailored to the level of the children involved. For example, a six-year-old will be presented with a different STEM project than a 16-year-old, which keeps kids engaged and ensures that STEM resonates.

The STEM Approach Is Fun

Unlike the old, hands-off approach to learning where kids spent hours sitting at their desks with pencil in hand, the STEM approach is a whole new fun, engaging way to learn the important concepts related to math, science, technology, and engineering. At the SciTech Festival, this is even more true – projects, demonstrations, and exhibitions are downright exciting for kids (and adults!), helping kids to get pumped up about STEM.

STEM–and the Arizona SciTech Festival–Is a Positive Community Influence

STEM is important because it focuses on real-life skills, knowledge, and science that kids will hopefully hold onto for many years to come, providing them with the basic building blocks they need to pursue a successful education and career. But putting the academic part of it aside, STEM and the Arizona SciTech Festival are also important because they have a strong, positive impact on community. The Festival, and STEM education, transcend boundaries, getting kids of all ages and from all backgrounds (including those in lower-income and rural areas) involved, and also involving cities, businesses, and other event promoters.

STEM Is Everywhere: Get Involved and Get Excited!

STEM is a very exciting thing for young people to be exposed to, and the Arizona SciTech Festival is one of the coolest demonstrations of STEM concepts in the state. If you want to learn more about upcoming events and festivals, check out the calendar and schedule of events here.

The Arizona Department of Education is seeking public comments to guide the process of developing K-12 Computer Science Standards. Please take the survey by November 30, 2017 to help inform and guide the development process.
The ADE is currently accepting applications from K-12 educators, higher education/post-secondary educators, business stakeholders, and parents/community members to serve on working groups and focus groups. We hope you will consider applying for the opportunity to participate in this important work. We would like to have representation from around the state. The standards review process will use an accordion model for committee selection; an individual might be selected to serve once or multiple times, depending on the focus of the work and their expertise. Members unable to serve for a particular meeting due to schedule conflicts or other concerns are still eligible to be selected to participate in future meetings. Applications will be accepted throughout the entire development process. Working groups will convene starting in January 2018.
Please visit ADE’s Computer Science Standards Development page to access the applications and for more information.

Nov. 1 deadline for free registration is approaching

Contact: Marian Frank, 602-827-2022 

October 17, 2017

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the largest STEM outreach event in Phoenix. The fourth annual Connect2STEM is 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018, and we’re looking for exhibitors from University of Arizona departments.

Connect2STEM is meant to energize children Pre-K through high school about science, technology, engineering, math and medicine. Last year, more than 6,500 children and their parents participated in the 100+ hands-on activities offered by exhibitors. This year, we’re expecting 10,000 guests, and we’d love to have UA represented in a big way.

Exhibitors need to provide an interactive tabletop experience or activity geared toward youth.

Last year’s exhibits included the robotic daVinci Surgery System, where guests tried their hand at robotic surgery. Participants also dissected sheep and cow brains, practiced their suturing skills, completed chemistry experiments and played video games.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Register today on the Exhibitor Sign-up Form. A confirmation email will provide a link to register your exhibit’s volunteers.
  • Learn more about Exhibitor Information (parking/logistics).
  • The deadline to register volunteers is Friday, December 1, 2017.
  • When you register, you can secure a seat on the bus to Phoenix.

Registration ensures that your organization will be included on the event map and website, and we’ll start promoting your organization on social media. Online registration is fast and easy!

The event is free to exhibitors and attendees. Register Today! The deadline to register as an exhibitor is Nov. 1.

A Connect2STEM Marketing Recap Report provides insights and information about past marketing and publicity successes. Last year’s Connect2STEM received extensive coverage by media. Check out page 19 for a full list of exhibitors you could join at Connect2STEM 2018.

Learn more about exhibitor commitments, guidelines and registration at: http://phoenixmed.arizona.edu/exhibitors. For general inquiries, contact Aaron Sheets-Freburger at 602-827-2453 or email adsheets@email.arizona.edu.


The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix admitted its inaugural class of first-year medical students in August 2007 and is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The College inspires and trains exemplary physicians, scientists and leaders to optimize health and health care in Arizona and beyond. The College is uniquely positioned to accelerate the biomedical and economic engines in Phoenix and the State by leveraging vital relationships with key clinical and community partners. For more, visit phoenixmed.arizona.edu/tenyears.

Founded by Stanford and MIT graduates, STEM Revolution sets the bar when it comes to building interest and skills for young engineers.

We believe that all students deserve engaging, relevant and fun STEM opportunities. Through our After-school workshops, summer camps, and 60-foot long STEM Bus Mobile Lab, students learn robotics, electrical, design, and coding skills while working with cutting-edge technology like Virtual Reality, Drones, Arduinos and Minecraft. We also offer summer employment to local teachers, and internships to local college students! www.stemrevolution.com

The Spirit of Science brings scientists to life as actors to demonstrate to elementary and middle school children the important contributions each has made to the field of science.

Envision a “living wax museum” of just scientists. What they are looking for are individuals who will dress as a historical scientist and play this part for about an hour at an elementary school in Chandler. They will provide a costume and some information on the scientist. The participants will only spend 5 minutes with each group of children, so it’s not an in-depth exercise. They basically want to show kids that scientists have all different backgrounds and want to provide a snapshot of the life of that scientist and their contributions.

The kids are going to LOVE this and you will absolutely have an impact on shaping their world view. At this school in the Spring, one of the little girls (actually in this cohort of students we are presenting to) asked a visiting scientist if she was the, “first girl scientist ever”. Imagine the look on these kids’ faces when they see women in costume from 200 years ago explaining their fascination with science and their discoveries!

Their tentative date is Wednesday, Oct. 18th (either from 9:30ish-10:30am or 1:30-2:30pm). If that particular date doesn’t work and you are interested, please let me know as we will have future presentations of this program. We currently have hispanic (male), African American (female), and white (female and male) roles to fill. It would be appropriate for any scientist- undergrads, lab techs, tenured faculty members etc. to fill these roles.


October is Manufacturers’ Month!

For the fifth consecutive year, Arizona will celebrate the incredible diversity and depth of manufacturing statewide during October. RevAZ, a program of the Arizona Commerce Authority, joins with industry partners in this exciting collaborative effort!

Learn more about our events & workshops >


  • Arizona Manufacturing Summit and Awards Luncheon

Friday, October 6
Arizona Biltmore
8:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Be there for a morning tradeshow and summit featuring industry experts and panelists discussing manufacturing issues and opportunities, followed by an awards luncheon where dynamic leaders from Arizona’s manufacturing community are recognized with awards for Excellence in Innovation, Excellence in Sustainability, Small/Medium Manufacturer of the Year, and Large Manufacturer of the Year.