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Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Games, galleries, and more

Visit the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum digital galleryVisit the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum digital gallery for kids

How do you define a cactus? Where can you find a Gila Monster? And what is a ringtail, really (besides the Arizona State Mammal)?

You can find these answers and more by exploring the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum digital gallery. A Library of over 12,000 digital images lets you get up close and personal with Arizona’s wildlife. Search alphabetically or by type to find a specific image. Fact sheets and sound recordings help you study individual species.

Activities for Students and Teachers

Play and Learn at the Go to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum digital galleryTeachers will find a host of resources that engage students of all ages.

The “For Kids” section offers a feast of games and quizzes. Guaranteed to teach something new about desert ecosystems.

Experienced students can find advanced games and quizzes on the Latin names of hundreds of native plant species. Don’t be frustrated—this one is challenging!

The Center for Sonoran Desert Studies

The Center for Sonoran Desert Studies conducts the educational and scientific functions of the Museum and is a hub for research, education and conservation of the Sonoran Desert Region. The Center's activities range from on-grounds and outreach education programs for school children and adults, to conducting ecological research in the Sonoran Desert region and advising museum staff, other conservation organizations, and the public on scientific and educational matters.