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Colorado River-Recreation


From Lees Ferry on the Colorado Plateau to the Morales Dam on the border to Mexico, the lakes, wildlife refuges, and stretches of waterway call adventurers and leisure seekers alike.

Lees Ferry

Lees Ferry

A natural corridor between Utah and Arizona, Lees Ferry is the only place within Glen Canyon where visitors can drive right up to the river, enjoy trout fishing upstream to Glen Canyon Dam or hiking or backpacking.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Whether you enter by foot, mule or boat, the Grand Canyon is a spectacular experience. But those who have rafted through the canyon—about 20,000 people a year—say there’s nothing like it anywhere. Learn more about Grand Canyon recreation.

Lake Mead

The largest man made reservoir in the United States, formed in the 1930s with the creation of the Hoover Dam.

Lake Mead is one of America’s most popular recreation areas. Formed by the Hoover Dam in Black Canyon, the lake boasts a year round season of water fun. Nine million visitors gather every year to enjoy swimming, boating, and fishing only 50 miles from Las Vegas. Many visitors stop to enjoy a tour of the inner workings of Hoover Dam, for many years an engineering marvel.  

Lake Mead National Recreation Area is the nation’s first national recreation area and includes Lake Mojave.

The Yuma Area

Located near the original townsite of Castle Dome Landing, Martinez Lake boasts two resorts.

Water fun abounds around Yuma. It’s a great way to kill the heat in summer temperatures that can soar past 110°F. The Yuma area has over a dozen wetlands, wildlife refuges, and lakes. Enjoy angling off the Morales Dam dredge launch or birdwatching at Mittry Lake Wildlife Area. Hunting and boating are also popular pastimes.