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U-Pick Farm Map

As interest in how our food is produced and delivered increases, visits to “U-Pick” farms are becoming an increasingly popular leisure activity around the country. The Agritourism Experience map will expose Arizona tourists, educators, and residents to these fun and educational field trip opportunities.

"Agritourism's popularity has grown exponentially over the last several years and Arizona has wonderful locations throughout the state where visitors can experience authentically grown food," said Sherry Henry, director of the Arizona Office of Tourism. "We're thrilled about the new Agritourism Experience Map, which will highlight all of these wonderful locations and will become a valuable resource for our visitors."

Typically small and privately owned, U-Pick farms invite the public to collect their own produce from the field, grove, or orchard. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, U-pick farms can offer educational or entertaining sideshows such as kiddie rides, petting zoos, field tours, restaurants, or cooking demonstrations. Beyond selling produce, a top priority for many of these operations is teaching people how and where crops are grown.

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What is the U-Pick Farm Map?

Arizona’s Agritourism Map profiles specialty crops, local growers, and agritourism opportunities. Search by crop, season, or location on your computer or mobile device to find fresh produce, farm tours, or other agritourism opportunities.

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The Arizona Agritourism Map is put together with information from Local First’s Good Food Finder and the Arizona Farm Bureau’s Fill Your Plate Farm Product Search.