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About the Teacher's Toolbox

The Ask A Biologist Teacher's Toolbox is a resource for educators who want to bring activities and experiments into the classroom. Most experiments require simple equipment, and are accompanied by several articles explaining the principles behind it. Quizzes, puzzles, and podcasts are also available for use.

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How to Use the Teacher's Toolbox

For instance, ants are a rewarding subject for any student of life sciences. These creatures are easy to find, relatively easy to work with, and fun to observe. Ask A Biologist has enough material on ants to form several lesson plans.

One can start by perusing Ask A Biologist’s articles on ants:

Find a list of experiments that answer questions on ant biology and behavior (no ants are harmed). Puzzles and quizzes based on ant material round out the package and help gauge the success of the lesson!

An additional piece on ant farms encourages do it yourself experimentation.

You can find written and video instructions on how to build an ant farm using two CD cases and information on types of ants. An article on ant heads is supplemented by an ant-head matching worksheet!