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Mine tours are now a popular tourist attraction.

"Spectators watch as the grand finale blast officially opens Bisbee’s Lavender Pit on August 7, 1954."

Expanding Bisbee's Lavender Pit, named after the general manager of Phelps Dodge and Company, required moving businesses and houses, a job which took two years.

"One of early Bisbee’s many cleansing floods.

Bisbee's Main street in the early 1900s was a bustling place.

Industrial Workers of the World strikers on a forced march to the train station, where they will be deported 200 miles to Hermanas, New Mexico in cattle cars.

Transfer wagons line up in front of the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Company general office in 1903.

"No one doubted that smoke equaled jobs in turn-of- the-century Bisbee, but during the late 1890s, as sulfide ores increasingly replaced oxide ones, people became aware of emission problems in the

"Locomotive No. 1 of the Arizona & South Eastern line, which connected the mines of Bisbee with the outside world.

"Tramming in the murky depths beneath Bisbee.