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Earth sciences

What shaped the landscape we see today? Today’s Arizona landscape is home to plateaus, monuments, buttes, rushing rivers, precipitous canyons, snow-capped volcanoes, great escarpments, dry washes, mountain ranges and broad valleys.

When the sun goes down, researchers seek answers to the mysteries of the universe as Arizona’s world-class telescopes scan the skies. What have they found?

A comprehensive water management timeline by the Arizona Department of Water Resources answers any and all questions on Arizona’s water history.

The 500 miles of Hohokam irrigation canals fed a population of 80,000 in the Mesa area and are among the most advanced engineering feats in prehistory.

With a 333% increase in solar installations in 2011, Arizona boasts some of the largest and most exciting projects in the U.S.

What is energy? Why is it important? Interactive games and diagrams explain everything from what energy means to how kids can save energy at home.

Citizen science harnesses the power of people to collect information and share it with groups around the world.

Explore Arizona's geography, climate and ecosystems. Locate species with the Arizona HabiMap, a geographical and conservation tool courtesy of Arizona Game and Fish.