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Educational Features

Twenty-first Century Interface

The Internet has accelerated the speed at which connections between speaking, listening, reading, and writing can be made, requiring that students be ready to use these modalities nearly simultaneously. Technology itself is changing quickly, creating a new urgency for students to be adaptable in response to change.

-From the College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Speaking and Listening

Content at The Arizona Experience is designed to fulfill the expectations of the ADOE’s College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Speaking and Listening. Articles are presented with images, videos, and interactive applications like maps or games. This mixed media approach increases understanding in non-normative learners. Students can experience and assimilate information from multiple modalities, an invaluable practice for students wishing to compete in our increasingly tech-savvy world.

Students must use diverse media strategically as they develop their reasoning skills. The Arizona Experience presents diverse media, exposes students to a variety of engaging, subject-relevant information, and encourages the creative use of materials available on the site.

More Site Content

  • Interactive maps increase knowledge of geography and improve web skills. Information provided in these maps can springboard an independent data collection project, or student generated data can be used to create a map, developing advanced skills in critical thinking and practical web application. Visualization software creates interactive data platforms for teachers and students.
  • Instructional videos provide expert insight that can be integrated into lessons as primary sources or used by students in projects.
  • Interactive games test knowledge of local ecology and encourage application of common vocabulary and concepts.
  • Articles and images present Arizona history, geography, geology, innovation, science, commerce, civics, and current events. Learn and explore!
  • Imagine Arizona Lesson Plan Contest - Congratulations, Winners! Thanks to all who submitted original lesson plans to the Imagine Arizona Lesson Plan Contest. See the six winning entries!