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Teacher Resources

Educators are one of Arizona’s most valuable resources.

As noted on the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) General Overview of the 2010 Arizona English Language Arts and Mathematics Standards, "teachers today must prepare students for a world of possibilities that may not currently exist. The workforce of tomorrow must be flexible, motivated, and be able to draw from a deep and vast skill set. The ability to effectively communicate, collaborate, and adapt to situations will be critical to ensuring competition in a global market." 

One Stop Education

To meet the demand for engaging, effective education, The Arizona Experience has compiled a variety of web-based resources for use in the classroom and at home. Use these pages to find materials and activities that supplement classroom lessons and online education with hands-on experiments, observations, and field trips that help students gain understanding of the changing world around them. There are links to online photo galleries, web applications, podcasts, and other multimedia materials.

Teacher Aid Button

The Teacher Aid button makes searches for lesson plans, materials, and activities easy. Click on this button to find toolboxes created especially for educators. A full list is found on the Teacher Resources page, which also showcases videos dedicated to enhancing the classroom experience and provides links to state and national learning resources. 

Learning Button

The Learning button brings ready-made ADE-approved curricula to one’s fingertips. Click on the learning button for pre-packaged lessons. The number of these lessons will increase as the site expands. Subscribe to our RSS Feed to be made aware of site updates automatically.

Arizona raptors Lesson Plan

Petrified Forest Lesson Plan

Grade 3-6 lesson plans and materials on the Hohokam Civilization. Download the PDF.

"Locally Grown" Agriculture and Nutrition Lesson Plan


Find more educational material.