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 Biotech & Life Sciences

Arizona Biosciences: A Success Story

Thanks to strategic collaborations and smart growth, Arizona is now a fast-emerging biomedical research and bioscience commercial center.

Featured Artist: Arizona Students

K–12 student artworks ponder a century of change in the first annual statewide student art competition, part of the American Heritage-Arizona Centennial Initiative.

Ask A Biologist

The Ask A Biologist gallery from Arizona State University engages students from K to “gray” with experiments, activities, and articles.

The link between DNA sequencing and disease diagnosis
The link between DNA sequencing and disease diagnosis

Northern Arizona University's Paul Keim describes how automated technology and robotics are used to analyze thousands of samples of DNA at one time. He explains the human genome and the information contained in DNA. Keim believes researching the DNA of disease causing organisms will advance disease treatment. Northern Arizona University is home to one of the largest pathogen related genomics research centers in the world. Read the article Genomic Research>> 

Dr. Nadja Anderson

Dr. Nadja Anderson, director of the BIOTECH Project for University of Arizona’s BIO5 Institute, shows some the materials used to demonstrate DNA extraction at science festivals and during classroom visits. Read the article Biosciences Education>>

TGen and the Human Genome Project
TGen and the Human Genome Project

Dr. Jeffrey Trent, President and Research Director of TGen, speaks on how the use of genetic information to personalize treatment can lead to whole new way of fighting disease. Read the article Genomic Research>>

Past Features

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