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 Land & Arizona Celebrates

Arizona Parks

Relive history, walk ancient roads, discover natural and cultural treasures, or find a new adventure in Arizona’s parks and public lands.

Buffalo Soldiers

“Buffalo Soldier” is the collective nickname given to the first African-American members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Arizona Facts

How much do you know about the Grand Canyon state?

Arizona Celebrates

We’re the last state in the continental U.S. to turn 100, and we are putting on an unforgettable show. The Arizona Centennial Commission has created dozens of signature events to enjoy as part of the Arizona Centennial Commemoration, and a mascot—the Centennial Copper Chopper—as uncommon as the state.

Stella Tucker carries on a Tohono O'odham tradition. From her camp west of...
Joaquin Ruiz is the Dean of the College of Science and Professor of Geoc
Craig Barrett
Craig Barrett, retired CEO of the Intel Corporation, discusses technolog

Past Features

What shaped the landscape we see today? Today’s Arizona landscape is home to plateaus, monuments,...
Get to know your fellow Arizonans through this collection of original videos featuring personal...
Arizona’s constitution was established on December 9, 1910, over a year before it became a state....
Arizona's Universities not only make breakthroughs in the biotechnical field, but use agriculture...
While the eastern colonies were debating revolution, the land that became the Arizona Territory was...